BMW 320d / 330d Exhaust Tailpipe E90

The worst part of owning a diesel powered BMW is the “droopy” exhaust tailpipe. These exhaust tailpipes, pointing down, were used on both the 320d and 330d E90 models. Being the least like able part of an otherwise appealing car, I decided to investigate methods of ridding my car of it’s unfortunate lack of exhaust appeal.

320d 330d tailpipes

The most favourable method is having the BMW Performance silencer installed. This free flowing, twin tailpipe, stainless steel silencer promise more than just visual appeal. According to BMW, you can expect a performance increase of up to 5 horsepower and a much improved exhaust note.

BMW Performance Silencer

For those not technically inclined, this is achieved by letting exhaust gasses escape easier. To reduce noise and heat, exhaust systems are built to restrict the flow of air through your engine. Think of it as trying to blow through a straw while pressing down on it. You have to put a lot of effort into getting the air out the other side. Now let go of the straw. You will immediately notice more air flowing out the other end, and you do not have to put as much effort into it. The same goes for engines. As exhaust gasses are allowed to move more freely through the exhaust, the engine is under less strain and can perform better.

The only disadvantage to this solution is the price. Genuine BMW parts are not cheap, and at R5,800 you have to seriously rethink what your goal was in the first place.

The easiest and cheapest solution is visiting your nearest exhaust fitment centre and installing a custom tailpipe. Most of them have a variety of tailpipes to choose from, the most difficult part being choosing one that is as close to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) as possible. You do not want your pride and joy to look like it’s got a Christmas ornament hanging from the bumper.

Although I would prefer the BMW Performance silencer, I am struggling to justify the expense. For now, I will be looking at exhaust fitment centres.

320d Performance Exhaust Silencer Part Number: 18 30 2 185 802

UPDATE: I have since fitted the BMW Performance Exhaust Silencer and it was well worth the cash.