BMW M3 E93 Convertible Driven

With the BMW M3 being a car many only dream about driving, I was pleasantly surprised when a friend offered to take me for a spin in his recently acquired E93 M3 Convertible.

This car definitely does not hide its racing pedigree. Aggressive styling, quad tailpipes and a “this is not a cellphone in my pocket” bulge on the bonnet lets you know lesser cars will be eaten alive. This beast not only barks, it packs quite a bite as well.

bmw e93 m3 convertible

Starting the Remus enhanced, 4-liter V8 sent chills down my spine, and I was reminded that I was sitting in something special. From the line things appeared civil and tame, and I could not help feeling just a little disappointed. Then, as we hit 5000 RPM, my stomach got to know my spine a little better and 309Kw did it’s best to merge me with my seat. A quick glance at the rev counter told me we’ve still got 3000 RPM of blissful torture left. 8000 RPM, next gear, my neck snapped back and the torture continued. At this stage I forgot all about the wanting, staring eyes following us through traffic and I was enveloped by the speed, the power, and the bone chilling growl performing a finely tuned attack on my senses. Suddenly I found myself in a world of my own.

Like an unsuspecting rabbit being pulled from it’s borrow, suddenly everything reversed. With what felt like my face being pulled off, we came to a stop. No screeching tires, no ABS, just body deforming stopping power. Never have I been closer to having to change my pants. Later, trying this in my 3 Series, I found out exactly why the combination of 265/40 tires and enormous drilled and ventilated brakes are part of the M3 package. It was not pretty.

What impressed me most about this drive was the solid, planted feeling. Not once did we experience body roll or the slightest indication of the tires losing grip. I suspect we were far from reaching the M3’s limits, but this was enough to leave me shaken and stirred for a good few hours.

The BMW M3 is insane. It is ridiculous. If you do not respect it, murderous. But, most of all, it is awesome!!!

[Photo by: Mac Anamourlis]