Do BMW’s official performance upgrades affect your motorplan?

Having driven the 320d for the last year, I felt the natural urge for some increased performance.

I looked at quite a few “aftermarket” options, all of which would affect my oh-so-very-important BMW motorplan. This in mind, I could not take the risk and tried to convince myself I’m happy with my car.


BMW launched their own, approved, performance upgrades in 2010 aimed at people like me. Imagine my surprise and delight at learning this!

After talking to a few friends finding themselves in the same boat, some of which were considering selling their cars and purchasing hot hatches again, concerns were raised about the motorplan being affected by even BMW’s own performance modifications. So, I made it my mission to get all the details, straight from the “horse”.

After talking to a few dealerships I eventually made my way to the “Business Manager: Vehicle Accessories” at BMW South Africa. After raising my concerns, via e-mail, I received a call from him the next day.

A lengthy discussion about the development of BMW performance parts followed, not just about the Performance Upgrade Kit, but about the whole range of products available to BMW owners. He assured me the motorplan will not be affected and that I can have peace of mind when fitting original BMW accessories and performance parts. He even went as far as sending me a formal letter, signed by the “Motorplan & Warranty” and “Technical” managers at BMW SA, confirming these facts. {Anyone wanting a copy of this formal letter from BMW SA are more than welcome to contact me.}

Above all expectations, he informed me that they have a demonstration 320d with all the performance goodies installed and he would like to bring it to my nearest BMW dealer for a test-drive. That’s what I call service!

I’ve experienced some pretty shocking BMW service in the past, and so have a lot of BMW owners I know. If the friendly, enthusiastic manner with which BMW SA handled my inquiry is any indication of how I will be treated as a customer in future, I see myself driving BMW’s for a very long time to come.

The test-drive date and time is still to be confirmed. Keep an eye on my blog for a full review including pricing, pictures and technical information.

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