BMW M3 E93 Convertible Driven

With the BMW M3 being a car many only dream about driving, I was pleasantly surprised when a friend offered to take me for a spin in his recently acquired E93 M3 Convertible.

This car definitely does not hide its racing pedigree. Aggressive styling, quad tailpipes and a “this is not a cellphone in my pocket” bulge on the bonnet lets you know lesser cars will be eaten alive. This beast not only barks, it packs quite a bite as well.

bmw e93 m3 convertible

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BMW 320d / 330d Exhaust Tailpipe E90

The worst part of owning a diesel powered BMW is the “droopy” exhaust tailpipe. These exhaust tailpipes, pointing down, were used on both the 320d and 330d E90 models. Being the least like able part of an otherwise appealing car, I decided to investigate methods of ridding my car of it’s unfortunate lack of exhaust appeal.

320d 330d tailpipes

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2012 BMW New 3 Series Launch Review

I have mixed feelings about the new 3 Series. Although BMW has done a lot to make this car appear modern and sexy, I am dumbfounded by my lack of excitement. I expected to walk up to this car and say “WOW”, but that response never came.

The New 3 Series

2012 BMW 3 Series 328i

The very successful E90 was definitely the base ingredient. Add some “modern” to the mix, and the new 3 Series comes driving out of the designer’s oven. BMW is known for throwing the old blueprints in the bin completely when designing a new model, to the detriment of BMW owners, but it seems they decided to stick to an already successful recipe this time round. What the chefs at BMW came up with is a striking, smooth and elegant new exterior.

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