Citroen Activer Event Introduces DS5 to South Africa

I attended the Citroen Activer event on 12 May 2012, where Citroen introduced the new DS5 to the public just 48 hours after its release to the press.

Citroen re-established themselves within South Africa in 2009, and a lot has changed since its days of Imperial rule. Bad parts availability previously associated with Citroen is a thing of the past and this has done a lot to improve consumer confidence and vehicle residual values. Where most spares previously had to be flown in from France, Citroen now has a South African warehouse where 95% of all spares are available at any given time and they also deliver spares to their dealership network three times a day. To increase awareness and involvement with the South African consumer, Citroen started hosting what they call Activer Events. These events allow the public a unique test drive experience where safety features and driving characteristics can be demonstrated under safe and controlled conditions.

It was one of these Activer events which I attended at Gerotek test facility outside Pretoria. It covered the entire DS range, but most importantly, the new Citroen DS5.

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