How to correctly wash your car, the easy way.

I was driving over the weekend and saw a brand new VW Polo, it did not even have number plates yet, that had so much swirls in it’s paint it looked like it was washed with a kitchen scourer. There is nothing that pains me more than seeing this happen to cars, and it’s mainly caused by incorrect washing methods.

Swirls in car paint

If you do not want your car to look like a movie extra in Charlotte’s Web (swirls look like spider webs when viewed in the sun), there are a few very simple and easy precautions you can take.

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Getting Started…

I am not sure where my love for cars started, but during the past few years my craving for driving and having an opinion on cars have developed into somewhat of an obsession.

Seeing a new car, calling a dealership to arrange a test drive and slipping out of the office to do exactly that, have become a regular occurrence. Lucky for me, my boss display similar ‘petrol headedness’ and often joins me (or the other way round) in my effort to scratch this itch.

I will attempt to write about all my findings concerning cars, dealerships and the service received to try and make you part of this experience. Who knows…maybe I will actually be convinced to trade my oil burner (2010 BMW 320d) one of these days.