2013 Ford Fiesta ST revealed

2013 Ford Fiesta ST - Front

It’s been a a few years since Ford stuck a ST badge on a Fiesta, and it looks like they made the wait worth our while!

Some design influences from it’s bigger brother, the Focus ST (yet to be released) is clearly visible when viewed from the front. A very aggressive grill, rear diffuser and dual chrome tailpipes let you know you’re not looking at just any old Fiesta. The same is to be said of the interior. Although the basic dash layout is still that of the current Fiesta model, future Fiesta ST owners will enjoy a completely unique centre console, built around the Sony entertainment system that has become a legacy in the ST performance models. Recaro sport seats will also be making it’s appearance in the Fiesta for the first time.

Tuning fanatics will be delighted to know that a turbo charger will accompany the new Fiesta ST. Powered by Ford’s 1.6 EcoBoost straight-four, delivering 132kW and 240Nm of torque, 0-100 comes in at just under 7 seconds. All this via a 6-speed manual gearbox. For those environmentally conscious, this engine boasts a 20 percent reduction in carbon emissions compared to the previous Fiesta ST.

Ford announced that they will be launching the new hot-hatch to the European market in 2013, but will have more to say about their plans for other markets in the near future. No doubt this will be an absolute top seller when it hits South African shores.

2013 Ford Fiesta ST - Rear

2013 Ford Fiesta ST - Interior

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