Ford Fiesta Titanium vs. Ford Fiesta Sport

Between me and my wife we owned four Ford cars within the last few years. When we decided to start a family we had to stand back, look at our cars and decide whether they suited the role of family car. As space and four doors are preferable when you have kids, I sold my Focus ST and purchased a more responsible BMW 320d. My wife loved her Ford Fiesta so much, we decided to replace her two door Titanium with a new four door Sport. This was almost a year ago.

With her Fiesta Sport turning one year old in April, I went to check the service schedule and found myself sitting in the driver’s seat, reflecting on our Titanium vs. Sport trade.

Not only did we lose a few nice features, we also lost the cool-factor. Things that set the Titanium apart for me, and what the Sport does not have, are:

1. Chrome window trim
2. Sport side skirts
3. Sport splitter on front bumper
4. Projector headlights
5. Aluminium door sill protectors
6. LED ambient lighting above the glovebox.
7. LED ambient lighting inside the center console storage compartment.

The space for the LED lighting is still there, but the LED’s are not.

Except for these aesthetics it seems that Ford, although increasing the price, built this car just a little bit cheaper. The wipers are less sturdy, the dash material feels of lesser quality and the engine is not as responsive. Although the 1.6 liter is still the same on paper, there is a definite difference in performance.

What saddens me most is that my wife lost the love she once had for the Fiesta. The almost child-like enthusiasm she had for her Titanium is gone and her car became nothing other than a means of transport. The Sport’s lack of performance, compared to the Titanium, is what got to her most. For a car enthusiast like me, this is heartbreaking.

I will be taking her Fiesta for a service in a few weeks and hope an engine software upgrade will put some life into the Sport, and enthusiasm back into my wife.

For those of you having to make the decision between these two models, take my advise, buy the Titanium! You will not be sorry.


The Fiesta Sport went for it’s annual service and I asked the technician to investigate the performance problem. After reinstalling the engine management software, resetting all stored engine parameters and cleaning all the exhaust sensors, performance and overall engine response improved drastically. This is once again a car worth driving, and my wife is happy! Thank you for the effort and great service Ford Silver Lakes.