2012 Kia K9 Sedan with spy videos – German Blood

2012 Kia K9 Front

2012 Kia K9 Rear

There is a buzz on the internet about the new Kia K9 Sedan, earmarked for launch within the first half of 2012.

Not much detail about this car is known at this time, but it’s been spotted driving around South Korea and certainly drew a lot of attention. You will be forgiven for having to look twice when swearing at the BMW speeding past, uhummmm, sorry Kia. This car has certainly been designed with some very strong German bloodlines in mind. The exterior design of the Kia K9 seems to have been primarily influenced by the BMW 5 Series and, dare I say, they made it look better?

Kia is once again sticking to their very successful “tiger nose” design strategy, introduced during their recent launch of the Picanto and Rio models.
If sales of the Picanto and Rio are anything to judge the future sales performance of the Kia K9 by, some German luxury manufacturers will be wise to keep an eye on this new contender.

They did not limit their blood transfusion to the exterior design. This will be Kia’s first rear-wheel drive car and will be powered, in one of it’s derivatives at least, by a 5.0 litre V8 guzzler. With the current eco-economical climate, and car buyers leaning more towards economy than brute force, a few “lesser” models might be in order.

This is definitely one of the cars I look forward to seeing in the metal. Have a look at the “spy videos” below and decide for yourself.