2012 Kia Rio keeps on surprising with MP3 storage

It is a well known fact that Korean cars come packed with standard features, something the Europeans have yet to learn. The 2012 Kia Rio is no exception. With a feature list as long as my arm, but which doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg, Kia even lets some of these features go unmentioned.

A friend of mine, Liza Kuyper (, recently discovered that the radio unit has 900 Megabytes of onboard storage for storing your most loved MP3s. This equates to approximately 8 hours of music, more than enough to keep you entertained on any length of road trip. MP3s can be copied from both CD and USB flash drive by simply selecting MENU and then COPY.

Once your music is copied to the onboard storage, all your songs can be accessed via MEDIA, browsable by artist, album or song title. This means you no longer need to carry along a bulky collection of CDs or shoot off a few swear words when you realize you forgot your flash drive in your PC.

It surprises me that this feature, mostly available in expensive saloons, does not make part of the Kia Rio feature list. Surely a key feature like onboard MP3 storage is worth mentioning to potential Rio purchasers?

Nonetheless, the Kia Rio just got one more star in my book and I have another reason to recommend it to anyone in the market for a mid sized hatch.