2012 Kia Rio keeps on surprising with MP3 storage

It is a well known fact that Korean cars come packed with standard features, something the Europeans have yet to learn. The 2012 Kia Rio is no exception. With a feature list as long as my arm, but which doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg, Kia even lets some of these features go unmentioned.

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BMW Performance Diesel Power Kit Review

After a lot of research and consideration I decided to fit the official BMW Power Kit to my 2010 BMW 320d LCI. This performance upgrade kit increases the standard 135Kw/380Nm to 147Kw/420Nm, leaving the original vehicle warranty and motorplan unaffected. Although these figures do not seem like a lot on paper, the Power Kit made a very noticeable difference in both performance and overall vehicle response.

The BMW Power Kit consists of:

1. Engine Control Unit (ECU) with updated software
2. Higher capacity Intercooler
3. 600W electric radiator fan with improved frame for better airflow.
4. Plastic air guide
5. BMW Power Kit Aluminium Badge
6. Other small parts

BMW Power Kit Schematic
BMW 320d Power Kit Dyno Graph

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Citroen Activer Event Introduces DS5 to South Africa

I attended the Citroen Activer event on 12 May 2012, where Citroen introduced the new DS5 to the public just 48 hours after its release to the press.

Citroen re-established themselves within South Africa in 2009, and a lot has changed since its days of Imperial rule. Bad parts availability previously associated with Citroen is a thing of the past and this has done a lot to improve consumer confidence and vehicle residual values. Where most spares previously had to be flown in from France, Citroen now has a South African warehouse where 95% of all spares are available at any given time and they also deliver spares to their dealership network three times a day. To increase awareness and involvement with the South African consumer, Citroen started hosting what they call Activer Events. These events allow the public a unique test drive experience where safety features and driving characteristics can be demonstrated under safe and controlled conditions.

It was one of these Activer events which I attended at Gerotek test facility outside Pretoria. It covered the entire DS range, but most importantly, the new Citroen DS5.

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