2012 Volvo S60 T6 Polestar Driven

Volvo S60 T6 Polestar

After my Volvo S60 D5 test drive I thought a Volvo from the petrol persuasion was in order, so I set my sights on the biggest, meanest and most sporty sedan Volvo has to offer. The Volvo S60 T6. With a great salesman and luck on my side, I got to test drive the performance enhanced Polestar edition.

With the Polestar upgrade delivering about 10% extra, the T6 delivers a very reasonable 246kW and 484Nm of torque, placing it slightly above performance figures claimed by the BMW 335i. Surprisingly, the straight-six did not deliver the sound track I expected and the overall impression was of luxury and comfort instead of brute force performance. The six speed gearbox seemed a tad slow, but once in gear an eye on the speedometer alerts that you are fast reaching “meeting bubba” speeds. Cornering was where this car impressed me most. Even though this S60 did not have the performance suspension offered by the R-Design package, the suspension and all-wheel-drive combination insured plenty of grip and a very stable acceleration out of the apex. At lower speeds, when rapidly accelerating out of a sharp corner, the steering felt slightly disconnected but the only indication that I was reaching the physical limits of grip was faint tyre squeal. Only at this point did I experience some oversteer. Most drivers will never reach these limits and I will list this under “negligible”. The same manoeuvre in a rear wheel drive car will encourage some steering correction on the driver’s part.

This S60 had the same quality issues I experienced in the D5, but for those looking for a luxury sedan that can put down the power when needed, the S60 T6 should be added to the top of your list. Although the driving experience is not as connected and performance orientated as its German competitors, you get a lot of car for a lot less money. Don’t spend all your cash though, the T6 is thirsty. This spirited test drive resulted in the range-left readout changing from 260km to 70km after a 20km drive. Somehow, though, I felt the fuel consumption was justified. Adrenalin conjuring entertainment doesn’t come cheap.

Thank you Volvo Silver Lakes for allowing me to experience a great car. Once again, I received top-notch, friendly service.

Volvo S60 T6 Prices:

R476,000 – S60 T6 Essential Geartronic
R480,700 – S60 T6 Excel Geartronic
R496,200 – S60 T6 Elite Geartronic
R501,500 – S60 T6 R-Design Geartronic