The All-New Volvo V40 launch – Everyone Invited!

Volvo will be launching their eagerly anticipated, all-new V40 at the Geneve Motor Show on Tuesday, 6 March 2012. Their new “German Contender” 5-door hatch is claimed to be a completely different type of Volvo.

From the cloth clad photo one can already see that they’ve designed it with some very sporty lines. With the C30 looking quite dated when compared to its competitors in the segment, will this be the new hot hatch to have?

Volvo have had some excellent engines in the past, some of which gained a lot of “street cred” among enthusiasts, in cars like the Ford Focus ST, where they supplied the 166Kw, 2.5 litre, 5-cylinder growling monster. I am looking forward to seeing if they will be delivering similar bone-chilling derivatives of the new V40.

As not all of us will be able to make it to Geneve this year, Volvo is inviting everyone to join them online for the official unveiling. A live Q&A sessions with the car’s designers will also be broadcast via Facebook and Twitter.

To participate in the launch proceedings, you can Register Here.